Design Considerations for Developing 1.2 kV 4H-SiC BiDFET-enabled Power Conversion Systems


Bidirectional switches are essential for cycloconverter and matrix converter applications to facilitate single-stage AC-AC conversion without intermediate energy storage elements. The 1.2 kV 4H-SiC BiDFET was developed as the first monolithic bidirectional SiC power transistor. This paper describes the design considerations taken into account while creating the BiDFET device and developing custom packages for housing the switch in discrete form for low power applications and in module form for high-power applications. The realized switches are characterized for their on-state and switching performance. The versatility of the BiDFET device is demonstrated by operating a single BiDFET H-bridge in voltage-source-inverter and current-source-inverter topologies only by varying the gate bias on the individual BiDFETs and reversing the input-output connections.

2022 IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition (ECCE)
Ramandeep Narwal
Ramandeep Narwal
Ph.D. Candidate

Ramandeep Narwal is a Ph.D. candidate in the research group of Prof. Subhashish Bhattacharya at the FREEDM Systems Center, NC State University.